Should I learn ASP.Net MVC or ASP.Net Core?

Are you confused over if you should learn ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET ?

Such questions are obvious when new technology comes up in the market, most importantly to take over its predecessor.

Although everyone have tendency to learn everything as soon as it comes in the market, without considering the other important facts.

Here I am providing few of those facts you should consider before deciding, which one should you learn.

Side Effects of Learning Daily

Did you ever think that what is the greatest investment have ever been in your life. You may be thinking about various options like property, jewelry, stocks, mutual funds etc. But in reality those should not be considered as greatest investments in today’s world.

Learning is the one which can be considered as greatest investment in life. Anyone can steal jewelry, property or any materialistic thing, but no one can steal away you knowledge.

Any physical material gradually decrease when you share it with someone else. But our knowledge always keeps on increasing when we share it with variety of people. Now you will be thinking that how knowledge can increase if it is shared.

So I am explaining it here with an example. Suppose you have an idea and your friend also have different idea with him/her.

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