Side Effects of Learning Daily

Did you ever think that what is the greatest investment have ever been in your life. You may be thinking about various options like property, jewelry, stocks, mutual funds etc. But in reality those should not be considered as greatest investments in today’s world.

Learning is true investment

Learning is the one which can be considered as greatest investment in life. Anyone can steal jewelry, property or any materialistic thing, but no one can steal away your knowledge.

Any physical material gradually decrease when you share it with someone else. But our knowledge always keeps on increasing when we share it with variety of people. Now you will be thinking that how knowledge can increase if it is shared.

So I am explaining it here with an example. Suppose you have an idea and your friend also have different idea with him/her.

If you will share your idea with your friend. And in exchange your friend also share his/her idea with you. So how many ideas you will have now.

Now you will have two ideas, and your friend will also have two ideas. Neither your friends idea decrease by sharing, nor yours idea decrease by sharing, instead it increase by sharing.

Lets try to do same thing with any physical material.

Suppose you have 100 Dollars and your friend also have 100 Dollar. You give your 100 Dollar to your friend and in exchange ask your friend give 100 Dollar to you, how many Dollar you will have.  Of Course you will have 100 Dollar, nothing increased by exchanging.

So that is the power of Knowledge and Learning.

Genius always keeps learning

Think of anyone, in any area, who is truly brilliant at what they do. If you will study them deeply, you will find that they got where they are through continuous self-improvement and constantly implementing new skills.

Lifelong learning is the minimum requirement to become a self made millionaire. In past, who had more land was considered as rich, but in today’s world who have more knowledge and skills have the power to become rich.

In addition to improve your skills, there are lot of beautiful reasons to keep learning new skills.

So without further ado let’s see what are those reasons.

1. Reduce Worry

In today’s world our work is too much demanding, worry is a common problem for all and  if you don’t know how to manage your worry then it might act as an obstacle in your growth.

James L. Mursell, professor of education, Teacher’s college, Columbia said “Worry is apt to ride you not when you are in action, but when the day’s work is done. And at such time your mind is like a motor operating without its load. It races and threatens to burn out its bearing or even to tear itself to bits.”

The remedy for worry is to get completely occupied doing something constructive. When you indulge yourself in some constructive activity where attention is required, it is impossible for your mind to be worried because it required your complete attention at that time.

So learning new things will help to reduce worry of your life.

2. Boost Confidence

When you achieve any goal either small or big, you feel better. Confidence is built when you accomplish specially something new which you have never tried.

When you are learning new skills and achieving your daily goals on learning path, your confidence will boost.

So learning new things not only help you to acquire new skills but also help you to be more confident in other aspects of life as well.

3. Makes you a better version of yours

Did you ever notice what type of software companies usually grows.

The companies who continuously keep their software updated as per the current requirement and releasing small small new version rapidly.

It’s not the big things that add up in the end; it’s the hundreds, thousands, or millions of little things that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Why do you think that what you were last year will have same value today as well and there is no version update is required. So in order to grow in life you have keep your knowledge revised with this evolving world.

Daily learning will make you a better version of yours everyday.

4. Expand social circle

Either you are businessman or doing a job, much of your success in life usually comes from a strong loyal social circle, who you can call when you need help or need some advice.

It is not important to learn everything in deep, but it is always better to get basic knowledge and learn the vocabulary, then you can build better relationships with the right people and can get best advice out of your social circle.

When you learn something new then definitely you need to collaborate with new people or community to get the answers of your questions. That will help you to create a strong social circle which can help you in difficult time.

5. Keeps your brain healthy

We don’t just lose muscles over time if we don’t use it but we lose our brain power as well if we don’t give new challenges to our brain.

Just like workouts will help you keep your body healthy, learning new things will keep your brain active and healthy.

6. Makes you more productive

Abraham Lincoln said ‘If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend first four hours sharpening the axe. Ineffective tools waste more energy and lesser productive.

When you are knowledgeable intensive work, your mind is your axe and learning the new tools/technology will sharpen your axe.

Look at your skills profile and determine where you need to fill a gap and learn those skills to be more productive.

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