Should I learn ASP.Net MVC or ASP.Net Core?

Note: This content is now outdated and most of companies have started to use MVC Core now a days and lot of companies have upgraded their existing projects to dot net core. Below statement was true at the time of I published this article, but not now.

You can learn MVC Core Free from below tutorial

Build Real World Web Application in ASP.NET Core and MVC

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Learn Angular 8 and ASPNET Core WebAPI Step by Step

Are you confused over if you should learn ASP.NET MVC  5 or ASP.NET MVC Core?

Such questions are obvious when new technology comes up in the market, most importantly to take over its predecessor.

Although everyone have tendency to learn everything as soon as it comes in the market, without considering the other important facts.

Here I am providing few of those facts you should consider before deciding, which one should you learn.

  • ASP.NET Core transition/adoption is still very low except for the brand new projects.
  • Plenty of projects were developed on MVC 5 in past 3-4 years, are in maintenance phase. So most of companies are still looking for candidates having experience in MVC-5.
  • There are fewer jobs in MVC Core at present. However the number of jobs expected to increase for new framework in coming future.
  • This is still in evolving phase and every other month new versions are appearing in market.

if you want to be the most well-rounded developer. I would encourage you to learn both at the same time. In that way you understand the differences between both.

Although it will look funny, but it is practical, if you have recently completed graduation and are fresher (Year 2018)

Scenario 1
Living at home with parents. They’re glad to have you back to home. And you are looking for your first job.  If this is the case then learn ASP .NET Core MVC.

Scenario 2
Living at home with parents. But Dad glares at you every time you reach for the refrigerator to eat something. Learn ASP .NET MVC.

Scenario 3
Living on your own and you got bills to pay and need to get a job quick! Learn ASP .NET MVC

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