RPA-A good career choice in India

You would have seen robots taking over the world many times in Hollywood movies and would have enjoyed the drama. But the pace at which the automaton is going through in every fields, it seems that the day is not so far now. In manufacturing fields, robots have already been eliminated human to a large extent. Labor categories are most effected till now because of robotic automation.

There are many IT companies which were working from many years to develop a tools, through which one would be able to automate  vast range of repetitive clerical tasks just like a human. Now those tools are in mature stage. Few of these tools are

UI Path
Blue Prism
Automation Anywhere

Above providers have been able to develop a very sophisticated tool, which can easily create a code to interact with existing software systems just by using simple wizards. Most of these companies are providing training now a days to create a large pool of developers on their tools. Their target is to create a large pool of workforce to implement robotic automation.

What is the future of RPA

Forrester estimates that, by 2021, there will be over 4 million robots doing office and administrative and sales and related tasks. Management of robots and their governance will be a growing issue.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is still in early stage and many big organizations are in study phase. There are many sectors like banking, accounting and insurance, where RPA can be proved as Gold Rush big organisations. All of these sectors are looking for cost effective solution, faster and lesser error prone process.

Marekets/Regions actively participating in RPA

As many of automation tools are now in mature stage, many organisations are working on trial with these vendors. Many of big companies i.e TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys have partnered with various vendors and working on implementing RPA in few sectors now. Several RPA vendors focus on ITSM. Primary RPA regions are North America; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; Asia Pacific; and Latin America

If we will see the trend of interest on RPA, we can see how it is taking momentum in US and India as shown below

RPA Interests by Region:

RPA Interests over time

If we look at growing interest on RPA , It is really a good time to get into the business. The technology is probably only at 1% of its ultimate capabilities at present. If you already have good understanding and experience in BPM/BPI (assuming most of the process in organization are not documented) it is worth to grab some certification in RPA. As an early bird you would be able to grab good opportunities and salary once the trial in various sectors will be successful. So be ready for the next storm of automation in advance

You would already be aware of that value of product is depend on supply and demand. And as mentioned earlier at present we have been able to develop only 1% of capability. As per google trend shown above, good momentum of interest is being build up. So there would be gap of supply and demand in near future. So be ready to take the benefit of low supply.

Impact on Society 

As per article published on Wikipedia on RPA

Academic studies[23][24] project that RPA, among other technological trends, is expected to drive a new wave of productivity and efficiency gains in the global labour market. Although not directly attributable to RPA alone, Oxford University conjectures that up to 35% of all jobs may have been automated by 2035.[23]

In a TEDx talk[25] hosted by UCL in London, entrepreneur David Moss explains that digital labour in the form of RPA is not only likely to revolutionise the cost model of the services industry by driving the price of products and services down, but that it is likely to drive up service levels, quality of outcomes and create increased opportunity for the personalisation of services.

Meanwhile, Professor Willcocks, author of the LSE paper[24] cited above, speaks of increased job satisfaction and intellectual stimulation, characterising the technology as having the ability to “take the robot out of the human”,[26] a reference to the notion that robots will take over the mundane and repetitive portions of people’s daily workload, leaving them to be redeployed into more interpersonal roles or to concentrate on the remaining, more meaningful, portions of their day.

Will you get Fired

On the surface, rapidly advancing artificial intelligence seems cool and also seem opportunity for you. but a question is frightening as well, in which field robots can hand out pink slips to human workers.

Just how likely are you to lose your job becasue of automation can be checked on below site

Will robot take my job

Above site is Developed by Mubashar Iqbal and designed by Dimitar Raykov, the site is based on a 2013 report examining how susceptible 702 occupations are to automations.

Training on RPA

UI path is providing free training and certificate now a days, which I think will be paid training in near future (Hey I am not a sales agent of UI Path, it is just my assumption) . I have registered on UI Path academy and learning the tool. You can also register for this free course using below link

Till now I found it is easy to use. If you already have experience in VB.Net then you can learn this tool very fast as it use VB.NET functions and libraries in back end.

Lets Start….

Hey guys I have 12 years of experience in IT and studying RPA. I  have been able to implement few automation using UI Path in my organization and working on automating few more. If you have any question on RPA, UI Path , kindly comment below, I will try my best to answer. I will keep this document updated.

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  1. As a web developer I got shortlisted in a MNC company for RPA analyst.I would like to know what kind of work I need to do in RPA?RPA is similar to development or configuring automation process? Please elaborate the work flow happening in RPA

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      As you would be aware of that RPA tools are use to automate existing process that allows you to transact in any IT application or website, typically in the same way a human would, to automate complex, rule-based work.

      If you are fresher then company will give you domain knowledge of particular process/domain where they have plan to automate the process

      You will simply have to learn the process of system that is currently being done by human. These are actually repetitive processes which many companies want to automate. And after learning the process you will have to automate that process in RPA tools using rule based work flow. You will also have to write some codes as well, it depend on the type of tool you are going to use.

      For example in my company there was a process where TL had to allocate tasks to the appropriate person in team on the base of some set rules. We did not had any logic in existing software so we developed a workflow in UI Path and automated this process for all TLs.

      Now they can focus on other valuable tasks as this repetitive task has been eliminated using RPA. So similar kind of workflow you will have to develop on RPA.

      I am going to write some articles on various automatons we are doing so that you can get more ideas on what can be done using RPA.

  2. Hi , I worked 15 years in IT Service Management. This RPA is a new buzz word and I would like to get trained certified. I was wondering if you can help me here on the following points :

    1. What will be average cost of the course
    2. Best Technology in RPA ( adaptibility, functionality wise )
    3. Duration of course
    4. Certificate of completion in these technologies
    5. Demand for RPA certifiied people within India and worldwide
    6. Average salary expected post this course ( considering 15 years plus as ITSM consultant)


    1. User Avatar

      Hi Priya

      I think you can go for UI Path free online course first (link provided in above article) and you can test what are feasible in RPA tool.

      This free course can be completed as per your convenience.

      All of these tools provide similar kind of functions and interface with little difference. You can view below article to see the technology wise comparison

      Demand is going to be huge in near future and many of big organisation have already started to give training to their staff as well hiring new team on these technologies.

      On salary I can not comment on your experience level

  3. Hi….
    I am currently doing an internship in RPA using uipath @ an MNC. I also got placed in an development company which feild should I choose. Please help me need to fix my mind fast

    1. User Avatar

      There is a great potential with RPA .This implies 75% of the business processes will be automated in next 5 to 10 years and many developers would probably transition to automation developers to keep up with the evolving technology.

      There would always going to be opportunities in the job market for other developers. In RPA, a lot of people in the industry get the impression that all relevant programming skills( C#, VB.NET etc) acquired during your journey as a software developer becomes a waste when you go into automation but boom that’s a lie !!! The software provides a programming suite called a code stage that enables programmers with experience in .Net( C#, VB and J#) to write programs to extend the basic functions these RPA tools provides.

      So you need to interface your process with powershell, write a vb script or C# code to do – simple as it sounds that’s the way I look at it. With RPA, you get to keep your C#, VB skills and more to work with an RPA company in future.

      only RPA learning is not enough for you to succeed in life, better to get knowledge in other programming languages.

      So I suggest you think thoroughly about this,

      1. Hi ,

        I have 4 year experienced on .net technology where using c# programming language .Now a days automation is going around,so i want to move my career towards RPA. Many tool based technology like UI path , Blue prism ,Automation Anywhere Tool , Open Span Tool are using by organization . Please suggest which one best suit through can get better opportunity and better growth in my career.

  4. Hi Sunitha,

    Thanks for the wonderful article.

    After 3+ years of mixed(different job functions) IT experience, I am in pursuit of moving to a BPM tool, Pega. Just have a couple of queries before taking a big move, please see if you can help me clarifying below queries.

    How BPM and RPA are different?

    If someone has to make career choice which one is a wise option, either BPMTool/RPA ,or first BPM tool later RPA tool. Which would be a right choice, considering the future career opportunities.

    Thank you..

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rajkumar, thanks for reading my article and appreciation. I will try my best to clarify your query.

      BPM and RPA are not in conflict with each other. BPM is a broader term which focuses on identifying, design, documenting and optimizing a company’s business process to achieve an organization strategic goals using various software applications. So we can say BPM is about making sure the infrastructure of your business process is solid, this infrastructure may include automated and non automated business processes.

      RPA on other hand we can say is just a sub-part of BPM which focus on automating and operating an existing process as a human would, in place of implementing whole new infrastructure.

      Consider this analogy to self-driving cars: a BPM approach would require us to rip up all paved roads and install infrastructure for the new cars to move about on their own, while an RPA approach seeks to operate a pre-existing car just as a human would. Google has come at the problem from an RPA angle, because replacing all roads (especially in the U.S.) is just unfathomable. That’s not to say that RPA is always the better option – not at all. The key is knowing the difference and using both tactics to their best advantage.

      Hope you would already be aware that Pegasystems had taken over OpenSpan (RPA Tool) in order fill a gap in their existing tools. So eventually you will implement RPA as part of BPM to automate high frequency processes, which had previously been performed by humans, where ever needed in process optimization.

      Hope above help you, feel free to let me know if you have any other question.

      1. Hi
        I am mechanical engineer having 5 year experience.i want to enter into IT it good decision?
        Moreover I want to learn RPA tools since it is having bright future ahead.
        Please suggest me regarding this

        1. User Avatar

          Hi Phanindra, If you have existing experience in mechanical line, I will not recommend to switch to RPA because you will not get benefit of your existing experience in RPA, next revolution of automation would be related to automate repetitive clerical work as per my understanding.

          If you are interested in automation then I think you should do some research in mechanical automation to add up in you skills.

    2. Hi Rajkumar,
      I am exactly in same confusion as you. I would like to know did u choose pega or did u go with RPA?

  5. Very informative article about RPA and tools used to automate.I currently have 10 years of IT experience and working as Test Engineer.Now pursuing Automation anywhere course.Can you list of few process which can be automated so to get a hands on of the complete Tool.

    1. User Avatar

      Although it is very subjective matter that which process you want to try to automate for hands on. I would suggest first you should think about which repetitive task you are doing in your current organization, which have some defined set of rules to do that. For example I automated my work first which I used to do manually in past for such hands on. I learned a lot from this doing this

      1. Assignment of work to team on the base of 5 different set of logic, which was really a cumbersome job for me and I had to spend 3 hours in a day for that work. Now I am able to focus on more productive work.

      2. Sending performance report to low performers automatically by extracting data from our portal at the end of month with the area of improvements required. This one also have set rules and I had to spend around full day to do this manually in past. Now it is a matter of minute to send these reports

      You can plan any of two such scenarios first to automate, one for desktop application, another one is for web application.

      Citrix/Virtual environment seems rarely used, but it worth if you can try to find some scenario on this. I did not try this one yet, but trying to find some opportunity to automate on citrix environment.

  6. Hello sir.. I’m Tina. I just completed my BCA and am thinking to do RPA course(45 days) in Hyderabad. Is it a good choice? And will I get a job in Bangalore on RPA?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Tina, sorry for the delayed answer, I was little busy this week.

      Although RPA is a good career choice in coming 5 to 10 years, but as you are fresher, I don’t recommend you to start your career as an RPA developer. If you are really passionate about coding and have keen to really look at it in depth, then I will suggest you to start with something else first. You should get knowledge on various programming languages, databases and join any startup company.
      I suggest you to join in startup, just because that you will learn a lot in startup companies. Although there are risks, but at your age only risks can be taken. More risks, more rewards.

      I started my career in startup only, I was everything there, developer, database designer, database administrator etc etc. So when I joined a big corporate after having 3 years of experience in startup. I had more knowledge in that organization than the candidates who had 10 years of experience in that organisation. I got reward of that in my next company and got promotion too fast.

      So you can start to look job in startup.

      If you want to look what is RPA and what we can do with it, you can try UI Path. Also you can join their free online course as well available on

      Hey!! I am not UI Path marketing person ;), this is acually what, I tried, and now I have good knowledge on RPA tool. Almost all tools have similar type of feature with minor differences. I will study other tools like Blue-prism and Automation Anywhere in next month.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any question or any other help is required.

  7. Hi, i completed mca and i am fresher so is this field good for me and can you please explain me, companies are ready to requite freshers in this field

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Praveen, you can see my previous comment I sent to Tina on this thread on is it good for fresher or not. HCL was recently hiring freshers for RPA in Chennai and Noida, Accenture is hiring candidates having 1+ yrar of experience.

  8. Thank you for such a nice article. I am a mainframe professional with arond 3.7 years of experience. I am very keen to take up UiPath as my career. Please suggest if this would be good.
    There are multiple products out in the market for the Automation like, BP, Opes Span, UiPath. Can you please suggest which one to go for? Also, from where can I get the certification for RPA.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. User Avatar

      Thanks Jitendra, Using UI Path you can Integrate any mainframe: T3700, green screen, Java, or legacy app via UI Automation. As you have already more than 3 years of experience, I think getting RPA Certified would be good for your career in coming future. You can start with free online certification provided by UI Path on

      I think you would already have gone through my article on RPA tools comparison. If not, you can click below link

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other question.

      1. Thank you for the useful reply Sunita. There are multiple options available to start career in Automation, such as AA, BP and UiPath. As I have less idea on this, can you please suggest which one should I take as my career path?

  9. Hey, Hello.!! I’m Naveen. I sincerely appreciate your article about RPA which is having more useful info.
    I’m working on C# , SQL server database and UI technologies as well since 5 months in a start up. And I’m learning technologies like angular 2 and react js. Recently, people are telling that the developer’s life come to an end. And have to start learning automation technologies,but I put my lot of effort on the technologies presently I’m working and I’m interested to learn that RPA tools. Please suggest me to choose the best tool which suits for me and how do I learn that. I want to write code in C# and suggest me a better way to build my career stronger.
    Thank you.

    1. User Avatar

      That is just a myth that developer’s life came to an end. It’s certainly true that many business tasks previously performed by human employees can now be automated with RPA. But those are only repetitive clerical tasks The capabilities for robots to replicate human-like functions are increasing. Yet, artificial intelligence still needs training from humans.

      These technologies are therefore not entirely independent from humans nor are they currently able to reproduce the higher-level thinking of which humans are capable like developers. So don’t worry about that. Keep continue your current job you are on good path. If you want what can be done in RPA you can start free online training on UI Path. Eventually you can switch after 3-4 years in RPA as well.

  10. Hi,
    I completed my engineering couple of years ago and have been working in small firms for short intervals. I am planning to take the RPA course in a hope to find some job and start my career. Given that I have no experience, do you think that taking a course on RPA is useful?

  11. Hi Sunita, Gratitude for the astonishing article.

    I have 2 + years of experience in .NET framework. I am a Dot net developer using C# language(I don’t like much logical coding, but I am interested in RPA ). Some How I have developed 4-5 utility application successfully till Now.
    I want to move now in RPA, Can you please suggest me it is a good option for me or not?
    what is an approx salary range comparing the experience?
    From Where to start my journey in RPA?
    What are the company which is hiring RPA Developer?(In Hyderabad)

    Thanks in Advance..!!!

    1. User Avatar

      Yes Jay, definitely it will be good choice for you, as you already have experience in .Net you can go for learning UI Path. They are providing free online training on their site. There are many companies i.e. Accenture, Genpact, Capegemini, JP Morgan are hiring in Hyderabad at your level of experience.

  12. hi .i am 2012 passed out Btech computer Sc student.I have also learnt some core java and selenium testing.Now i have left job wanted to do RPA.
    1.Should I go for it??
    2.Best institute in Bangalore??
    3.How many companies hiring for it..i mean i saw only 800 requirements on Naukri where as it is 10000-20000 for other jobs.Thats why.
    4.Which tool best suited fas per my skills??

  13. I m 2012 B.Tech computer Sc passed out.worked 3 years in BPO andSEO.Now want to join RPA.I have some Knowledge on Core java and testing.
    1.Should I Go for this??
    2.Best institute in Bangalore??
    3.How many Companies hiring for RPA. Because i saw very less requirements in Naukri.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Raja
      You have good experience and knowledge to start with RPA, this is the level of experience many companies are looking for. As you already had worked in BPO, so you would have good knowledge of processes, specific to any industry. This is what needed to be successful in RPA industry at present.

      if you will ask about best institute in Bangalore, honestly speaking, i am rally not aware about the best institute, but, what i know at present is that, any company who is looking for RPA developer is looking if a person have previous experience of back-end process, which they are looking to automate and if the person have knowledge of RPA tools they are looking for, that’s it.

      So you can start learning any automated tools which are in demand (UI Path, Automation Amywhere and Blue Prism) to start with. As mentioned in my article, UI Path is already providing free online training, you can start with learning this tool to understand what RPA can do or what it can not do.

      As mentioned by you that you saw very few requirements in Naurkri, that is true, but this is what the intelligent people do to earn more in their life, they always identify the scope of any career in advance and take position before the demand increase. As mentioned in my article the scope of this career is huge in coming years. So you will not see much companies are trying to get them automated, but believe, this is what the many companies would be looking to automate their repetitive processes to reduce their cost in coming 5 years. it was happened in labor industries already and this now the turn for knowledge worker in coming future.

      Feel free to ask if you have any other question.

  14. Hi Sunita,

    I appreciate all your efforts for educating us about RPA.

    I am currently working as a test lead and have core java skills. I am considering to learn either PEGA or RPA, which one would you suggest.


    1. User Avatar

      Hi Praveen, thanks for appreciation, it really keep me motivated to write articles. I would like to tell you that Pega is leader in BPM and have good range of cloud based applications. They acquired OpenSpan (RPA software company) last year, which makes Pega a complete solution, enterprises no longer have to choose between automation vs. digital transformation.

      If you are looking to make career in BPM then Pega is best choice, If you are looking to go in core RPA, then I would say to go with leaders in RPA (Blueprism, Automation Anywhere and UI Path). See my below articles for feature comparison between these tools

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other question.

  15. I am a Diploma Holder in Electronics & Telecommunication. And I have 2 year Experience in Telecom Field but the thing is I want to learn Blue prisam so if I learned the RPA tools like Blue Prisam or UI Path then can I got any opportunities……????

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Akbar, most of companies are hiring RPA developer who have engineering backgrounds or have experience of BPM with knowledge of RPA tools. I am not sure if you will be benefited or not with your existing experience.

  16. Hi Sunita, Thanks you this brilliant article. I am a business analyst (functional) with 7 yrs exp. I worked on various BPM projects as an analyst and now I wanted to move into techno functional role hence I am thinking to learn RPA tool. Is it a good choice to go with?

    I am not sure if just RPA business analyst exists or not; and what scope of work they do. Therefore I want to focus on RPA (end to end i.e. from business handling till the development). Please give some of your insights on my query.

    Thanks again for your article.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Vineet, thanks for reading article and sorry for late reply

      Adding RPA in your skill sets would really be a great combination, this is what companies are looking who have sound knowledge of BPM and functional knowledge. And yes, just RPA business analyst exists and HCL is currently hiring for this position. Below is the job description for RPA Business Analyst.

      1. Understanding life of operations, identify automation opportunities in assigned processes and propose technical solutions to robotize those manual activities.
      2. Analyse the process to find fitment and feasibility from perspective of RPA
      3. Probe and detail the As-is process
      4. Prepare To-be automation solution
      5. Evaluate the solution developed comparing it with the To-be solution documented
      6. UAT with client to get sign-off on benefits proposed

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other question.

  17. Hi,

    I have a total of more than 2 years experience as a java developer in one of the service based company.i want to learn RPA(ui path) but little confused that as a java developer how RPA will be an add on skill set on my i can relate this with my java experience.please clarify my doubt as i am just going to start learning this tool.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ashutosh, although RPA is not specific to any technology and it is something to automate any of existing application. As you already have service based company and having programming experience it will be a added advantage for you.

      All companies prefer to hire guys who have some experience related to any process and having some programming skills, we do need some of basic programming skills i.e. knowledge of looping, variables, data types etc. So you will get benefit of your existing experience.

  18. Hi Sunita, thanks for great article and clarifying doubts regarding RPA career. I hope that my doubt also clarified here.

    I’ve 5 yrs of exp in digital marketing with the knowledge of html, css, c# and basic sql server, but not worked in real-time on these technologies. My complete work experience into digital marketing. Now, I want to learn RPA tools for job change.

    What would you suggest, is learning RPA can help my career?

    Is RPA implementation is available in digital marketing companies and domains?

    Which is the best RPA tool to learn for digital marketers?

    Thank you,

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Kiran, I am not sure what type of work is done by digital marketers, could you please elaborate your role as digital marketer, so that I can understand if RPA would be a good career choice for you or not.

      FYI, RPA tools are used to automate existing repetitive software process which have well defined set of rules.

      If in your domain, there are such process which can be automated using any RPA tools, then I think learning RPA would be beneficial for you.

      I went through your site as well (, I found this interesting resource for many interview quesitons i.e. Blueprism and other RPA knowledge, keep it up.

  19. Hi Sunitha,

    You are doing Great job..congratulations…
    right now im working as software QA from past 1.5years[previous i was working as lecture in engineering college,i have 2year exp in teaching].now i plan to switch my career from QA to RPA developer.
    is it right move?
    is industry consider my expirances?
    thank you……

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Gowda, you have to have some functional knowledge of processes and little bit programming knowledge to make career as RPA developer. and as QA you would have experience in both of these. So definitely industry will consider your experience,

  20. Nice posts about RPA..Good work and the same questions will be repeated again n again 🙂 . I think it is better to write a separate post for freshers and another post for experienced professionals instead of you replying for the same question.


  21. Hi,

    Great article to know RPA and its future. I have a 6 years of experience as Business Analyst with some basic SQL knowledge and would like to take up RPA. So wanted to know on how are the opportunities for a BA with RPA certification ? and do we need any advanced coding language knowledge.

    Please let me know and helps building my career path


    1. User Avatar

      Hi Niranjan, to learn RPA, basic knowledge of programming i.e. loop, variables/data types etc is only needed, no need for any advance coding if you need to become RPA Analyst. As you would have already have knowledge of business processes, so it would be a good combination if you get RPA certificaiotn. HCL, KPMG was recently hiring RPA Analyst.

  22. Excellent piece of information! I landed here after I watched a Youtube Video by Edureka about “Top 10 technologies in 2018” and RPA was ranked 10th. They mentioned that RPA does not require any programming skills and hence I started searching about it and landed here.
    I have been working in the space of Network Operations and Service Management for the past 12 years and realized that the next decade is a decade of IT disruption in all the ways. Hence I want to move myself to the right career path in order to survive in this competitive market.
    Having said that, would you recommend me to start learning RPA, given that I do not have any software background whatsoever? What are the job opportunities in this segment and how can I switch my career path on this technology?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ronald, I am not sure how RPA will be helpful in your existing domain, here I would like to tell you that RPA is used by companies to cut down time and effort by automating repetitive process and improving quality of work. Therefore people who are suitable for RPA are the people who can look at the Business Process in detail with a critical eye and visualize what can be automated to reduce the cost. Mainly companies hiring professionals who have experience in business process management.

      There is no need for any software background to learn RPA, you can start with very basic knowledge on programming i.e. looping, variables scope, data types, logical statements etc. To implement RPA, one needs a lot of detailing to understand the operations that are performed subconsciously by a human being. Attention to detail and questioning techniques come into picture here to extract lot of information from the current user to be able to define the operation correctly and completely.

      If you want to start learning RPA tool, you can start with learning UI Path and can register their free training. I have just written below article on UI Path FAQ on installation, licensing and training, I think it will help.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any question.

  23. I have been in IT industry for almost 3 year and 1 year in core finance industry. Currently I am working as QA in selenium and I am having knowledge of Core Java, SQL. What are the perquisites to develop in me prior to learning RPA (UIPath) . I am really excited to learn RPA. Do I need to learn anything prior to start with RPA so that it will help in RPA study.

  24. Hi ,

    Really great article about RPA.Thanks for sharing the valuable information.. Please provide me some clarification on RPA ..I have 4 years of experience in ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET and etc..
    1.Is it worth moving from dotnet developer to RPA ?
    2.Roles and responsibilities of RPA developer?
    3.Will I be involved in coding on RPA or not ?
    4.Salary of RPA developers?
    5.Whether it is having Onsite opportunities or not ?

    Thanks in advance…

  25. Thnxs!!! for sharing valuable knowledge with us.
    From last 6 month I’m with working in RPA as BA.
    For developer there is huge scope in RPA. What is your view for functional role(like BA) in RPA???

    1. User Avatar

      Any process can not be developed without prior analysis, so before implementing any of automation various companies does analysis, that is where BA roles comes in. No one can ignore BA roles in any of software development process

  26. Hi,

    Thanks for wonderful Article. I am having 5 years of experience in manual testing and basic knowledge in Selenium Java. Can I switch to RPA for better growth and opportunities. How much salary hike should I get in RPA. I am getting 7lpa. Please guid me


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ajay, Yes, as you are already in testing and as said you have knowledge of selenium, this will benefit you to get position as RPA Analyst or Developer. Regarding salary, I am not sure how much hike you can get as a fresh start in this field. But this is the right time to switch in this technology and after 1-2 year you would be in better position to more hike than you would be able to in your current position.

  27. Hi,

    I am having 3 years of experience in dotnet technologies like C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net and SQL. I have two offers one is for Dotnet Developer and another for RPA Developer, I am very much confused to chose one of them as the RPA is growing rapidly.
    So please can you suggest me to chose one of them.


  28. Hi,
    I work on green screen (AS400) and do all the Analysis and documentation for clients.
    I am 2 Yrs exp and have less coding knowledge.

    Can I learn RPA tool and change my role towards RPA.?

    Thanks in advance.

  29. Hi, First of all thanks for the article…but it’s bothering me, can you plz change the spelling of career from carrier in the title.
    Also, I have software testing background but I noticed 80% of the openings ate asking for development background. Do you think I need to learn either java or to get in to this. Plz reply.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Mouna, thanks for pointing the spelling mistake. Although it is not mandatory to learn java or to work on RPA tools, only basis knowledge of variable scope, data types and some basic string manipulation function will help you to speedup learning. I think that is the only reason these companies are asking for development background for RPA developer role. It would be beneficial if you can get some basic knowledge of any programming language. For UI Path I would suggest to learn basics of VB.NET as it uses VB function in workflow.

  30. hi.. im currently working as a trainee engineer in RPA on companies own tool “automationedge” and also pursuing my MCA.. the company has policy of 2.5 year bond.. that hadnt done yet.. should i sign the bond or should look up for software development jobs.. please guide..

    1. User Avatar

      There is no harm in signing a bond if you are fresher, If company is giving training in developing RPA tools, i feel it is great opportunity for you. Meanwhile you can also get training on other RPA tool to get the edge in market. If you get any other good opportunity before completing the bond period I feel you can switch by giving the agreed money to company.

  31. Hi,

    I am having 5 years of experience in .net technologies like C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, MVC and SQL, Angular JS 4. My current company give me opportunity as RPA Developer and providing training, I am very much confused to chose the RPA or not for future prospectus.
    So please can you suggest me should i go with RPA or go with same technologies.



  32. Hi,

    Great article.Thanks for sharing valuable information.I am a 2years experienced PHP developer.I want to shift to PYTHON.Now, is it good if I get into RPA. And which tool should a fresher(no programming knowledge) choose.Thanks in advance.

  33. Hey .. I just had a thorough walkthrough of the article on RPA that you have shared . I have currently 3 years of Experience as a ETL tester and hands on knowledge on SQL and Bigdata : Hadoop and Hive . I recently got a offer for a Start up company as RPA developer and they have told they would train me on the same and I also got a Offer from a Big MNC as ETL tester in another Location. Now that I am really confused on which one to choose .,, Like choose to be a RPA Developer or Remain as ETL tester . Note : Both Startup and MNC provide the same CTC ..

    1. User Avatar

      I will not recommend you to join startup if you already have 3 years of experience, because there are more risks involved in joining startup. If you were fresher then definitely I would have suggested you to join startup.

      Better to join as an ETL tester in MNC and keep trying in RPA until you get opportunity in any reputed organisation.

  34. Hey you are doing a great job with this article and with your comments to the post. Its very insightful.
    I have 12 years of experience in Manual testing and am currently in the role of a QA Manager with in-depth knowledge in the Investment Banking domain. With the whole changing scenarios in the testing world i am keen on switching to the RPA career path. On the technical side i have basic knowledge on Python (functions, operators, data structures), basic sql knowledge. Firstly would it be wise to move to RPA with that many years of experience? Secondly which RPA tool should be good to start with and which programming language should i learn and what level of expertise would i need in it (considering my years of exp)

  35. Hi ,

    I am and IT professional having close to 8 years of experience in Testing profile.Would it be possible for me to switch to the RPA profile and after completion of course how would I be able to justify my experience?
    Please clarify.

    Deep shukla

  36. Hi,

    I have 8 Years experience in Functional Testing with knowledge on Automation testing using Selenium with Java and SQL. Do you think it is a good move to switch into RPA developer field now? Currently I am working as a Test Lead.

    1. User Avatar

      Sorry for delayed reply Anubav, definitely your skills in functional testing and automation in selenium will be added advantage if you would like to switch in RPA. Most of companies are looking a person having techno functional skills and you have both. I suggest you to start with UI Path foundation training that is freely available.

      1. Thanks for the response. I will enroll in UI Path Academy for the foundation training. Hope I will be able to switch to a RPA role soon.

  37. I have been a developer for one year and now i am shifted to RPA by my boss i have worked on RPA for past 3 months. I have also done UiPath certification and have also worked on one project but I found that it is more like drag and drop and not worth for a developer. Is it something that I am missing in RPA? and in future do we need a developer? Is the future good for just RPA developer or a person who know both machine learning and RPA? Kindly reply too much confused. my email is “”

    1. User Avatar

      Yes Nikhil, you are correct, it is more like drag and drop in most of RPA tools and it is not only RPA but you can see its happening in most of programming languages as well where you can see readymade framework available and any one can create a robust application by using those framework. And next thing would be definitely machine learning and artificial intelligence that will make RPA more useful so definitely it will be beneficial to get knowledge on these technologies as well.

      1. Is learning RPA further going to be useful or I should shift back to development? which one would be beneficial in future for me?

        1. User Avatar

          I believe it is good that you got chance to work on RPA in your organization, Recent studies state that nearly 80 million jobs in US and 15 million jobs in UK are good to opt automation. Many IT companies are already giving training on RPA to their existing employees and new hiring also going on as they have automation projects in pipeline. UK and US will be good place where you will see huge demand on these tools in near future.

  38. Hi, Gratitude for your informational post. I am working as a DBA and have experience in Shell scripting.
    Total IT experience: 7 years
    I am getting a chance to learn AA through my firm internally and getting a technological switch option. Do you think being DBA switching and shell scripting expert shifting to AA is worthful for me? Kindly suggest.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Charmie Setia

    1. User Avatar

      If you are looking to add value to your existing skills and learning AA to automate your existing DBA jobs that is perfectly fine. By learning AA or any other RPA tools , you will be able to automate your routine and mundane tasks such as database maintenance, health checks, routine script execution, various daily reporting. Then can focus on the activities that require human input which can add value to the business, such as database design, performance tuning and optimization etc.

      But If you are looking to switch your career from DBA to RPA Developer, I will not recommend this.

  39. Hi,

    I have started my carrier as an automation tester using selenium and now i have an experience of 2 years in automation field.I have few questions

    * 1 – I’m planning to join a course on RPA – For this which tool should i prefer and is there any institute that
    you suggest ?
    * 2 – Being an automation engineer can i easily adapt to RPA ?
    * 3 – Are there any openings for 2-3 years experienced RPA professionals ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishnu Rao

  40. Hiiii…I am very confused about my career, I have 2+ years of experience in process automation. I worked on PLC, SCADA, DCS system.I would like to learn RPA tools. Is it good for me to switch into IT stream. As it has very bright future in upcoming years so I am continuously thinking about it. Do they consider me as a fresher? Is it beneficial for me to look opportunity in it?

    1. User Avatar

      You see, the PLCs are going to be programmed by electricians. It is all be just plug and play, I don’t see much room of innovation in this As per my understanding there is not much scope in this field. Better you get knowledge on RPA tool and switch job. Most probably you will be considered as fresher in RPA.

  41. Hi,

    I am a SAP ABAP developer, having 4 years of experience. There are some opportunity that i can move to RPA in my current organisation.

    I am very confused whether to chose the RPA or remain in same technology for future prospectus.

    Could you please suggest me that should i go with RPA or continue with same technology. if not then, will there be any add on advantage if i learn RPA with ABAP?.

    Thank You!!

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Balesh, SAP with RPA knowledge will be a killer combination, that will be an added advantage only if you will learn RPA tool and having already experience in SAP and ABAP. I am seen many companies were looking RPA developer having SAP knowledge in past. UI Path also giving special training to automate SAP modules as well in their various modules

  42. Hi ,

    I am and IT professional having close to 3 years of experience as a Mainframe Developer.Would it be possible for me to switch to the RPA profile and after completion of course how would I be able to justify my experience?Should i start my carrer as a fresher in RPA or will this experience count ?
    Please clarify.


  43. Hello sir, There are around 30 tools which comes under RPA. Each tool is having its own features.Out of that Blue prism,UI path, Automation Everywhere tools are popular.If I learn any One tool out of it, and after 5-6 years this tool become replace with another. Means popularity of tools may be vary so in that situation How can I sustain my career in RPA . Its a big fear for me .please clear my doubt.

  44. Hello..There are around 30 tools for RPA .Each tool is having its own features. If I learn one tool and after some year it will be replace with another one. Popularity may be changes in that scenario how can I sustain my career in RPA

  45. Hi buddy,

    totally i have 2+ years experience in android development and technical support.i have little knowledge in coding becoz i have 1+yrs exp in android development.iam not interest to continue my career in pure coding side so nowadays RPA is trending im also impressed to learn.iam ready to change my career path to RPA.i planned to do course. it is useful?can i get a job? can i get a job around malaysia or singapore side? in future its scope or not? please give some suggestion bro.

    Thanks in advance

  46. Hello sir,

    I have 6 yr experience in manual and automation testing and want to switch to RPA automation. Knowledge of Java with selenium. I am bit confused in selection of RPA Automation tool. Please guide.

    Thanks You

  47. Hi startupbuddy,

    I have knowledge of core java with 2 years of exp and sql. Currently I’m working on Oracle J-Developer as ADF developer. Does RPA will add some edge to it or not ?

    Please reply.

  48. Hi,
    I have 2.9 years of experience .
    I got trained in Pega and certified in it as CSA and am working in Bizagi BPM tool currently.Never got an opportunity to work in Pega.
    Now i got an opportunity in RPA.
    am bit confused whether i have to focus on Pega more now or go with RPA?
    I just want to know which field has more scope in future and good package in Pega / RPA?
    whose salary is high -RPA or Pega developers ?

  49. Hey. I just got a new job in Pegasystems. I have 3 years experience in Java/J2EE. And now in Pega I am working in support project that supports Pega tool and provide technical solutions to customer. Now they have shifted me to RPA OpenSpan support so I am in learning phase as of now.
    I want to know my career growth in this field?
    As I am working in support, so will there be any good opportunities for me in development in RPA?
    What Path can I opt after this position like analyst or engineer or I always have to be in support?

  50. I have 11 years of exp into Manual testing. Will learning UI path help me with better career growth? And what all things I need to do to get good knowledge on UI Path.

    1. User Avatar

      Sorry for the late reply as I was busy on creating an online course. Definitely it will help in career growth if you will learn UI Path because you already have functional experience. Best way to learn UI Path is to enroll their free course by joining their online academy on

      Feel free to let me know if you need any other help.

  51. HI,

    Currently i am working in Cognizant and have a 1.5 year of exp. I am working on Application Packaging and BMC Remedy tool. I dont have any coding skills. Now as a career growth i want to learn RPA but my friends told me to learn Amazon web services (AWS). i am very confuse about what to choose.

    Kindly Suggest which one is best for career AWS or RPA ?


    1. User Avatar

      Both RPA and AWS are in great demand now a days. I am not aware of BMC Remedy tools but I feel if you are in networking, security and some coding background you can go for AWS. Otherwise I will suggest you to go for RPA.

  52. User Avatar

    I am having 8 years of Experience as a Desktop support engineer worked for different companies. Now I like to switch my job to RPA i.e. UIPATH, How do i start with no coding skills. I am stressed with the current job with the no growth perspective. Kindly suggest.

  53. Hi, I am FX Artist(Beginner) and on my learning path of RPA through UI PAth. I find it very interesting to learn about this technology(RPA) which itself is growing as you said.
    I want to know if RPA is going to affect the VFX industry in the coming years, as it is for IT?

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Tanuj, VFX is highly creative work and I don’t think it can be automated using RPA. Clerical jobs are most effected by RPA, where most of tasks are clearly defined, repeatable and rules based and those can be automated using RPA.

  54. hello,
    This is shiamy i have 6+ years of experience on PHP, Mysql and CMS like wordpress and joomla and medium level of knowledge in c.c++ and java scripting languages. im so impressed while reading this article you have upadted. my question is how it would be suit for my further career growth im willing to adopt and enhance the new technologies like this moreover i have been enrolled on uipath free training certifications. it would be grateful to you providing me more information such as RPA’s future and roles and responsibilities of RPA developers,orchestrator as well solution architect and how can i get in to this field ,current openings in india as well abroad ,relevant designation which suits me…here ample of categories like(deisgn process, solution architect, orchstrator, upadtes, AI) im so messed of to choose and study.could you please guide me the way u have been learnt. thanks in advance

  55. Am just knowing c,c++ programming and working in building basic robots for prototype can any one guide me in this field .

  56. Hi there,
    I read all your comments and replay and my all doubts are clear.
    I have one question I have 3+ years of experience in mvc and join one company as developer.
    but now my company wants me to do training on RPA and ECM (Enterprise content management ).
    So I am little bit confused is that ok for my career or should I change to another because i love coding and all stuff.
    And how much years RPA or ECM will boom in market?

    1. User Avatar

      If you are a coding lover than definitely you will not like RPA and ECM, because it doe’s not involve much of coding. If coding is your passion, I would suggest you to learn python, machine learning etc to advance your career. And for your question for how much years RPA or ECM will boom in market, no once can predict this. It is just a start in RPA and as per my understanding it will remain in boom for next few years. At present there is mismatch between demand and supply of skill for RPA developer so companies are office good pay scale. But that will not remain same once this gap is filled.

  57. Hi,

    I am a Mainframe/AS400 developer having around 7 years of experience. I want to change my career into something where i would have good opportunities for career growth, as currently I am stuck here. can’t see anything good here. Also I don’t want to continue with coding in COBOL. My doubt is will RPA Uipath would be helpful for me? If I learn it and got trained and got few certifications done, will I be able to get the job after having 7 years in Cobol development. I really want to switch into something better. Please suggest if this would be good for my career

    1. User Avatar

      Poonam, whenever I listen that someone is mainframes developer, a picture of Hollywood movie scientists comes into my mind, who is working on big screen and moving the parts here and there to come to the conclusion. Really not sure what is the future of COBOL but if you really feel that you got stuck in this technology and other programming languages excites you, there should not be anything that can stop you to switch to new technology.

      I have started my career as an accountant and when I found I have chosen wrong carrier and it does not excites me, I started to learn other things. Eventually I got my passion in programming and I took massive actions to learn it with my full time accountant job. Now after 14 years, I am a technical lead in a big MNC company.

      I recommend you to keep learning new things, there is no harm in that. You can start getting free training available on UI Path site and then can start moving towards advance courses available on UI Path website. Automate some mock tasks and first try to automate your day to day activity. After getting some confidence, start to apply for RPA jobs.

      If you are worried about your previous experience, I would like to tell that organizations are not worried about their past technologies they have worked on. Important thing is that you should be a developer (with logic) , not cobol, uipath or java developer. Wish you all the best and see you learning new technologies.

  58. Hi, i am working for more than 2 years in RPA, i found the tool is less technical and not stable yet. i am working on development , support , testing and done some job as analyst in RPA, but still i feel like i should move to JAVA and angular as i am working part time on this language.
    Can you suggest me which carrier path should i choose. in terms of future scope and salary.
    Because i feel like anyone can move to RPA as it not that much challenging compare to other language even i found some non technical background people are working on it.

  59. User Avatar

    Hi, I am a Automation tester in Infosys with 1.5 yrs experience. I have worked on Tosca tool which is a non-scripting tool. It is like drag and drop tools only. I am a bit confused if I should continue In automation testing or switch to RPA? Can you please help in below doubts:
    1. I am average in coding and right now have no experience in scripting as such. Also, I have 1.5 years experience in automation testing. Will this help in meeting requirements for RPA market needs?
    2. Is RPA more rewarding than Automation testing if we see future?
    3. Is finding RPA jobs outside quite difficult in next 1 or 2 year. As I currently work in MNC and would love to switch to MNC only.

    1. User Avatar

      All these RPA tools as well just a kind of drag and drop tools and there is not much scripting required to create an automation process. But definitely for few advance adjustments in tool scripting knowledge is needed. You can start with learning any RPA tools (UiPath provide free foundation course I remember) to gain some knowledge how these tools works. And definitely your testing automation experience added as a an advantage, you can also try to implement same testing automation process using RPA tools as well.

      As per the “Grand View Research” the global robotic process automation market size was valued at USD 1.40 billion in 2019 and is projected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.6% from 2020 to 2027. So indeed it can prove to be a good option as a career.

      Regarding difficulty, I can’t say how difficult it could be in next 1 or 2 year to find a RPA job, its all depend on your knowledge and experience. I feel demand will be more than resources of these skills and that make it really more rewarding that automation testing in coming future.

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