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1.3 What is ASP.NET Core and Why to use it

What is ASP.NET Core

While million of developers used ASP.NET to build web application since last many years, but latest ASP.NET Core frameworks offer far more benefits than the classic ASP.NET.

Since many years Microsoft have been provided close source tool. Many of developers and organization who are the lover of open source were very reluctant to use Microsoft technology. So making ASP.NET Core an open source have broadened the scope of ASP.NET in the world.

ASP.NET Core is not the extended version of ASP.NET , instead it is the rebirth of ASP.NET.  it’s an open source, cross platform rebuild of ASP.NET developed by Microsoft and its community.

Why ASP.Net Core

1. Open Source and Cross Platform

ASP.NET uses System.Web.dll (with all of it’s Windows based API hooks), while ASP.NET Core uses a new web server called Kestrel, which  makes you able to host application on a Linux or MAC Server as easily as you can host on a Windows server.

In addition to this, development environment is also not dependent on windows. Now developers are free to choose their preferred OS and collaborate. In simple term, now developers can work across MacOS, Linux or Windows and they can still work on same project.

In short, ASP.NET Core framework is now capable to develop and run web application on multiple OS i.e. Linux, Mac and Windows.

2. In built support for popular JavaScript Frameworks.

Unlike ASP.NET, new .NET Core frameworks provide inbuilt support for two most popular JS frameworks – Angular and React.

JavaScriptServices in ASP.NET Core provides and infrastructure to develop feature rich client side applications using these popular JS frameworks.

3. Razor markup more natural with HTML

Introduction of tag helpers in .NET core really made developer’s life easier, because Razor markup using Tag Helpers look like standard HTML. So any developer who knows HTML/CSS/JavaScript can edit Razor without learning C# Razor syntax.

4. Increased Performance

One of the biggest advantage of ASP.NET is increased performance. When you compile code it automatically optimize it in order to increase the performance.

According to the study done by TechEmpwer, ASP.NET Core’s performance is 800 times faster than the previous performance records.

5. Improved Testability and readability

ASP.NET Core provides inbuilt dependency injection and unlike ASP.NET you do not need to depend on 3rd party frameworks.  If you are not aware of what the Dependency Injection is, let me explain you in short what it is.

Dependency Injection (DI) is a software design pattern. It allows us to develop loosely-coupled code. The intent of Dependency Injection is to make code maintainable. it reduces the hard-coded dependencies among your classes by injecting those dependencies at run time instead of design time.

Dependency injections make your code

  • Easily testable
  • More reusable
  • More cleaner
  • Easily extendable

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