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1.1 Introduction to the course


Hi, my name is Sandeep Kumar and I am going to be your instructor for this course. In this course you are going to learn how to build a real world application with ASP.Net Core with MVC Core framework.

The application you will build in this course is for an imaginary bike dealer. Features in this applications are carefully designed by me, that will help you master the core skills required to build any real-world application with ASP.NET Core with MVC Core framework.

This course is not something like other courses, where you sit for long hours just watching the videos to learn something. In my experience, I never learned anything just by watching the videos.  I always learned new things when some challenges came on my path when i was working on any solution.

So this course I have developed as a 60 days challenge program, where I will work with you like a team and I will be your team-leader next 60 days. Every week, I will give you small functionality to develop. You will try to complete that functionality by yourself within a week.

I will also complete the same functionality at my end and publish my code on GIT by the end of every week, which you can download from the link I will provide.

Also I will publish the video which will show you the step by step process on implementing the given  functionality.

So you can take two different approaches here

Code First – If you are an  experienced developer and already have experience on previous versions of ASP.NET and MVC, and wanted to learn ASP.NET core, you can try to develop functionality on your own  and then you can compare your code with my code.

Watch First – Or if you are  beginner, then also, I would like to suggest you to dig something yourself on internet, and try to implement the functionality on your own.

But If you don’t want to code first, then you can wait for a week and can watch my video, and in next week you can implement the same.


Scope of this course

It is very important to understand the scope of course so that you should have clear understanding on what you will learn in this course and what you will not.

As the title suggest this course will teach you to Build Real World Application. We will build this application using ASP.Net Core 2.1, MVC Core with Entity framework.

This course is not going to teach you each and every feature of ASP.NET Core, MVC and Entity Framework. Each type of real world application may uses a different subset of feature out of these frameworks.

It is not possible for us to learn everything in one course. so we will focus on subsets of features, which are required to develop the application, we are going to build in this course.

By the end of watching this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Store and retrieve data using Entity Framework Core
    • We will use Code-first approach in this course.
  • Building User Interfaces
    • As this course is not something for UI designers, We will keep these user interfaces very simple and will focus more on programming, not on designing
  • Implement CRUD operations
  • Implement cascading drop-down lists
  • Implement filtering, sorting and pagination
    • This is very common requirement of every web application, so we will learn here how to filter some records, sorting the records on various different parameters.
    • And if there is huge data on any page how to display that data on different pages using pagination.
  • Implement photo upload
  • Handle and log errors
  • Add authentication and authorization
    • We will implement login based authentication, we will not cover google and facebook based authentication in this course
    • We will also learn, how to show different menus on the base of different roles.
  • Deployment of Web Application on IIS and Azure
    • I found this is something missed in most of the courses I have ever seen. And it is important learn to deploy your application on IIS and Azure, most commonly used in many organizations.

Next I am going to give you an overview of the application we are going to build, so let’s go.

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    1. I am currently working on Angular 8 project and will start to publish lessons soon starting from January. Other courses are planned but I have not started to work on those yet. What type of course you are looking for, please suggest.

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